Why Go Healthy?

Eat Healthy Snacks Instead of Junk FoodJunk foods and snacks that are high in fat, sugar and calories were often all that was available when you were eating on the run or needed something quick and convenient.  The initial energy provided by these foods is generally followed by a crash, leaving your body tired, unsatisfied and unable to perform or function well. 

Obesity rates and diabetes have risen steadily in children and adults over the past decades, mainly caused by poor diet, high calorie snacks and lack of exercise.  Statistics Canada released a new study, based on data from 2007-2009, that suggests 1 in 4 Canadian adults is obese, compared with 1 in 3 in the United States.  24.3% of Canadian men and 23.9% of Canadian women are considered obese. According to the Canadian Press, the prevalence of obesity in Canada has risen by 10% for men and 8% for women, which was roughly the same rate of increase in obesity as seen in the U.S. (even though their numbers are even higher). 

Eat Healthy Snacks and Be HealthyHealth officials see obesity as one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in Canada, and the cause behind a dramatic rise in heart disease and diabetes.  Children are also becoming increasingly overweight and obese, which is leading to increased health problems and lower life expectancy.  The high rate in which obesity and weight gain has affected Canadians over the past 30 years is deemed epidemic.

Governments in cities like Toronto, as well as provinces like Ontario and the Canadian federal government, have implemented new legislation and nutrition guidelines in an effort to curb the epidemic.  Junk food has been banned at many schools and public buildings.  Many businesses and schools in the private sector have implemented their own controls and are increasingly demanding healthier alternatives for foods, drinks and snacks sold in their establishments.

 Healthy Snacks from a healthy vending machineStudies show that proper nutrition leads to better learning, higher productivity and less disease.  Eating properly allows people to focus better and gives them more energy.  Companies that offer wellness programs and healthier alternatives experience fewer sick days and a dramatic increase in productivity from their employees.  It is time to stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. 

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