What is Healthy Vending Ontario

Healthy Vending Ontario CanadaWith the increasing rate of obesity and diabetes, it has become even more important to have healthy foods available.  With today’s busy lifestyles, good food needs to be accessible and convenient.  That is why you should have a Healthy Fresh machine in your business, school or location.

While vending machines have been around for decades, they were simple machines built to dispense pre-packaged food and drinks.  Most of the products were calorie laden snacks full of fat, sugar and sodium, or pop/sugar drinks.  Healthy vending is a revolution long overdue, where the foods our bodies crave are available to us 24/7. 

Healthy Snack Vending Ontario CanadaWorkers, students and athletes can perform better when their bodies are given the right fuel – healthy foods that are full of vitamins and minerals.   All of our products are pre-selected and tested for taste, quality and nutrition.   Make your location part of the solution to fighting obesity and diabetes – not part of the problem.

Our vending machines are attractive and smart – with LCD information screens offering product information.   Healthy foods, snacks and beverages are all conveniently available in one machine, and customers have the option of requesting future items to be stocked.  The machines operate on a cashless system as well as coins, for maximum convenience. 

  What Healthy Vending Machine Ontario CanadaThe machine’s computer alerts us when stock or items are getting low,  and we take care of all restocking and servicing.  Our state-of-the-art vending machines keep track of the most and least popular items, to find the best mix of stock for your machine.  Healthy Fresh Ontario vending machines are the most energy efficient, requiring only 6.3 amps –instead of the higher 10.5 amps of standard vending machines.

Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending machines are dual temperature, so they really save on space.  You can get cold drinks or healthy snacks in one convenient, high-tech machine.  Our machine sends off site messages, alerting us to low stock, keeping track of the most popular items, and informing clients of product nutritional information.  We custom stock each machine, and customers can go online to request healthy products for the machine at their location.

Healthy vending is the easy way to eat well and live well!  Call us today to get a machine for your location, at no cost to you!