Public Vending

Public buildings – Government Offices – Police Stations

Public Vending Machines for Greater Toronto Area filled with healthy snacks and treats.More and more municipalities and governments are embracing healthy food alternatives in an effort to combat obesity and the resulting health issues that are becoming more and more prevalent in our province.  For instance, the City of Toronto has required that 50% of vending drinks sold must be healthy alternatives.     Many other U.S. and Canadian cities, including San Francisco and Boston, have also instituted measures to bring in healthier alternatives. 

Town Hall Vending TorontoBy making better foods available, through healthy vending machines, people will have the option to make better choices.  Healthy vending in public buildings, parks, recreational centers, police stations, city halls, government buildings, and other locations, can make a big impact.  Public institutions are expected to set a good example in leading Ontario out of the obesity crisis.  Implementing this wellness plan is simple and easy to do.

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Office Vending Machines for Toronto OfficesGovernment buildings Town Halls Police Stations Government Service stations (passport, driver’s license, health cards) Libraries Recreation Centers

To start your location on a path to wellness and to comply with current and future guidelines, give Healthy Fresh Vending Ontario a call.  We will install, stock and service a healthy vending machine in your qualifying location at no cost to you.