Gyms, Health Clubs and Sports Facilities

Gym Snack Machines for Southern Ontario gyms and health clubs.Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending machines are a great alternative for fast and convenient nutrition 24/7. 

If you run a gym, health club, fitness center, arena, dance studio, gymnastics club, sports facility or other athletic center, then you have clients who are health conscious. 

It is important to provide your clients with what they want.  Stocking junk and fatty foods in your location’s vending machines is defeating the purpose of improving health and vitality.  The fact is that people feel, perform and think better when they eat well.

Health Club Vending Machines Ontario Canada.As big participants in sports and fitness, Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending is dedicated to fighting obesity and changing the way Ontarians eat.   We also support the Canadian Diabetes Association with a percentage of all profits.  Demand for healthy vending continues to increase, and we only stock our machines with taste-tested nutritious choices.

Healthy Fresh Vending machines are dual temperature, so one machine can offer customers cold drinks as well as nutritious snacks.   The machines are attractive and complement any décor with their high definition LCD screens and colorful graphics. 

Sports Facilities Vending MachinesThe machines require less energy to run – reducing your carbon footprint (only 6.3 amps vs. 10.5 for junk food machines.)   The high tech look at healthy message fits in perfectly with any fitness or sports facility.

Many sports clubs and gyms try to offer food and drinks to make additional retail sales.  This can end up costing more money with staffing, stocking, displays, refrigeration, theft, waste, inventory  tracking and more.  

Concentrate on your core business instead, and ask us how you can participate in profits from having healthy vending in your location.  We service and stock the machines and can customize contents based on your clients’ preferences.  Based on computer tracked sales and our max menu option where customers can pick the products they would like, we can optimize sales and selection to keep your clients happy.  Give us a call to have your own Healthy Vending Machine delivered to your Toronto or Ontario area location absolutely free.