Apr 02, 2012 13:09 pm

The Link Between Unhealthy Beverages and Childhood Obesity

School Vending Machines Ontario CanadaChildren continue to drink unhealthy beverages because they are readily available, according to a study from the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.  Despite guidelines prohibiting unhealthy drinks in school lunch programs, students often turn to vending machines and stores to buy them.   

The problem is access to high sugar sodas or sports drinks from snack bars and vending machines and a lack of healthy alternatives that they actually like.  That is why more and more schools are starting to replace old vending machines with healthy vending. In 3 decades, childhood obesity has increased by 20%. 

High calorie foods and snacks, plus lack of exercise, are seen as the main culprits, but high calorie and unhealthy beverages only add to the problem.  Too many public schools, particularly in the northeast and southern United States, had unhealthy drinks available in their vending machines. 

Fat and sugar filled drinks are a hidden source of empty calories which contribute to daily intake and calorie limits.  Drinks do not usually make a person feel full, but the added calories can lead to weight gain if they push people over their daily calorie limits.  Researchers want unhealthy drinks to be eliminated from schools and low-fat options, such as water, 100% juice and milk, to serve as the replacements. 

Drinking 2 cans of soda per day, (at approximately 140 calories each) can lead to a weight gain of more than 2 lbs. per month (without proper diet and exercise to counter balance the extra calories.)   Giving students access to healthier choices allows them to have better options that will not contribute to poor health and weight gain.

If your Toronto or Ontario area school does not having healthy vending, ask your principal to call us about getting a Health Fresh Vending Machine installed for free.  Schools can even make some much needed profits from the net proceeds. Give kids better food and drink choices and make your school a healthier (and wealthier) place.   Call us today to replace junk food machines with modern, convenient healthy vending.

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