May 22, 2012 13:15 pm

Toronto requires healthy vending machinesToronto, Canada to Require 50% Healthy Vending

  • 50% of Beverages Sold in City Parks
  • Healthy Vending Products Required
  • Health Authorities Take a Stand

A 2011 article written in Inside Toronto reported that the City of Toronto will require 50% of beverages sold in city parks and facilities to be beverages that qualify as healthy products.  Several other Canadian and American cities are trying to set the same example, including San Francisco and Boston.  

Toronto Council has been concerned with the removal of sugary soft drinks and unhealthy snacks from vending machines in public areas.  The Council asked city staff to come up with a policy to phase out offending drinks over the next few years.  They want soft drinks replaced with healthier choices including real (100%) fruit juice, vegetable juice and milk.  Toronto’s government management committee voted to implement a 50% healthy vending plan, with 50% of everything sold qualifying as healthy by 2012.  Toronto, and other cities in Ontario, are under pressure from health authorities and consumers to make a stand against unhealthy vending and the current obesity crisis.  

According to Trinity-Spadina city Councillor, Adam Vaughan, “What we’re trying to do is help people make healthy choices, limit the effect that their health has on the tax base and the environment, and recognize that the freedom to make a bad choice still exists.” Be seen as part of the solution and not part of the problem. 

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