School Vending

School Vending Machines Ontario CanadaMany school boards and the province of Ontario have determined that junk food be removed from school vending machines.  They believe that children who learn to eat right when they are young will carry those healthy habits into adulthood and share them with their offspring.  It is up to us as adults to provide healthy alternatives and information about food products so children learn to make healthier food choices.

The key is to offer nutritious foods that kids also love to eat.  With Health Fresh Vending machines and our dual temperature zones, more choice and snacks are available within one machine.  Future stocking of products can also be customized per school, depending on demand and requests for additional selections.  

Vending machines for schools in Ontario, Canada with healthy snacks.This is the future of vending, and students will eat better if healthier choices are made available to them.   With so many students, particularly females, inundated with unrealistic messages about body image, and a rise in eating disorders, it is the responsibility of schools to encourage healthy eating.

As recently reported in the news, “Calgary high schools have removed most of the sugary drinks and high fat snacks from their vending machines, replacing them with healthier alternatives.”    Students who eat healthier, more nutritious food feel and perform better at school.   

Old junk food machines contributed to weight gain and obesity in children and staff, and were detrimental to their health.

Our Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending machines offer the largest selection of healthy foods that students actually like to eat.Each school can have a machine stocked with a custom selection based on past sales and student/school preferences.  All of our foods aren’t just healthier – they are also taste-tested and approved by students.

Healthy vending snacks for schools in Oakville, Ontario Canada and the GTA.Our machines are also more attractive and fun than old-school machines, with a high resolution LED screen and colorful graphics. For convenience, our machine accepts any Canadian coins as well as credit cards and smart phone payments.   They also reduce the school’s carbon footprint and energy costs since Healthy Fresh vending machines only require 6.3 amps – not 10.5 like junk food machines. 

Healthy Fresh Vending Ontario also offers peanut free vending to schools in Southern Ontario, Canada.

We will bring a new healthy vending machine to your school, set it up, stock and service it at no cost to you.  Ask us about our commissions program to help raise money for your school based on healthy vending sales.  We serve private and public schools, colleges, continuing education and universities in Greater Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe and other areas.