Our Machines

Not your typical vending machines… Our machines are technologically advanced and forward thinking.  

Healthy fresh vending machines in Ontario, CanadaFresh Healthy Vending machines have dual temperature zones, allowing for cold and room temperature storage of products.   That way, one machine can house cold drinks as well as bagged snacks.  This allows for a greater variety of product in one machine – taking up less room than multiple machines for cold or standard vending.  Our machines are also more energy efficient – requiring only 6.3 amps vs. traditional vending machines which require 10.5 amps.  You can introduce a wellness program and reduce your carbon footprint with one healthy vending machine!

The machines operate on a cashless payment system.  This aids sales as customers can use credit cards or smart phone payment.   The machines also accept all Canadian coins and customers can get change back – eliminating the need for exact change. 

Healthy Fresh machines feature a high resolution LCD display and are simple to operate.  The state-of-the-art controls monitor and track sales, with data accessible from remote locations.  The most and least popular items are tabulated for each individual machine.  The benefit to this is that the machines can be restocked as levels get low, and the vending products can be customized based on actual demand at your location.  In addition, if there are any healthy products that clients want for your machine, they can submit their product selection from our wide range of products and enter them into our Max Menu System.

Product selections can be customized for special dietary needs.  One Healthy Fresh vending machine holds both cold and room temperature items, so your location gets the maximum selection of healthy foods from one machine. Your employees, students, clients or visitors can enjoy delicious and nutritious snacks, meals and drinks any time.  Having healthier choices available means more productive and better performing employees, athletes, students, etc.  

Call us now to get started.  There is no cost and no long term commitment – only great service and products!