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Healthy Vending machines for medical facilities and doctor's offices in Southern Ontario, Canada.Whether your location is a doctor’s office, medical building or hospital, health is always at the top of the agenda.  That is why it makes sense to offer healthy food choices to staff, visitors and patients.  Many patients may have dietary concerns along with health issues, so providing access to healthy food alternatives is especially important.

Martin Binks, the clinical director of Binks Behavioral Health states, “A healthy plan of eating can include healthy, portion controlled, moderate calories snacks.  So, providing easy access to these is a great tool.  Swapping out unhealthy vending machines for healthy ones, with small portions of truly healthy options, is a great strategy.”

Juice Healthy Vending Machines OntarioWe can deliver a brand new Healthy Fresh vending machine to your location at no cost to you.  Machines can be custom stocked to meet your health requirements and consumer preferences. 

We keep the machine stocked and serviced, so you can enjoy the convenience of having healthier alternatives available 24/7.  

Our machines are dual temperature, and feature nutritious and delicious foods and beverages in one attractive, high-tech machine. Healthy Fresh machines are energy efficient, better for the planet and costing less to operate.  Standard junk food machines require 10.5 amps while ours only require 6.3.  All Canadian coins, along with credit cards and smart phone payments, are accepted for consumer convenience.

Give us a call today and bring healthy vending into your wellness establishment.