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In a just released announcement below, Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending is pleased to be the provider of healthy vending machines and service to the GTA.  Our goal is to have healthy options in the places we work, play or go to school. "It's time for a change, time to move forward and understand the need to do things better " Drew Smith, Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending    
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The healthy vending machines are becoming more visible and popular in our community.  Some go as far as to call them " Green Machines".  The recent article in Biz magazine highlights the importance of healthy vending in Oakville and surrounding areas. These healthy state-of-the-art machines entice visitors to learn more about healthy eating with the built in high-resolution LCD display. Schools, hospitals, sports facilities and other community buildings are increasingly implementing the healthy vend
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Canadian Healthy Vending partners with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The new healthy vending initiative is launched at hundreds of vending machines across Canada to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Details of the program include co-brandeded Max! Healthy Vending Machines that each feature the Canadian Breast Cancer logo to support the vision of a creating a future without breast cancer.  "The Max! Healthy Vending Machine’s onboard high-resolution monitor displ
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 Junk food in vending machines and served to kids is on the agenda of politicians and regulators as they seek a new Junk Food Tax to discourage sugary, unhealthy foods from being served in vending machines at sports facilities and other locations frequented by kids.  Childhood obesity is an epidemic and taxing junk food is one way to discourage

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Schools and hospitals in North America are taking proactive steps to help fight diseases like diabetes and obesity by installing "healthy vending machines" that only dispense healthy foods and drinks. In Tennessee, healthy vending was implemented at the Vanderbilt Medical Center. Nearby, MLK High School also joined the healthy vending movement.

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According to Katherine Hobson, a health writer for U.S. News, many items that people consider a ‘snack’ can actually pack as many calories as a meal.   People who are watching their weight need to look at calorie content as well as nutritional value.  Calorie per calorie, it is best to choice healthy snacks that provide essential nutrien