Too many clichés link healthy food with tasteless or uninspired choices.  Peanut Free Vending

The truth is there are many fantastic products that have been developed with modern food technology that meets the demands for nutrition as well as taste.  Many products are becoming mainstream –and are replacing the potato chips and chocolate bars (along with all the calories and guilt!)  From granola bars to fruit juices to dried fruits and nuts, the choices are varied and increasingly in demand from consumers.   It is time to give up the tired, unhealthy vending snacks of yesterday and embrace the future of healthy convenience food.

Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending offers a wide range of tasty, nutritious foods and drinks in one convenient, energy efficient machine.  With our Max Health system, you can actually choose the items you would like to have in your machine.   We offer a selection of smart choice cold drinks and healthy snacks.  Some of our available products include:

Healthy snacks that are natural can help us feel better during the day and provide the body with needed nutrients for.