Too many clichés link healthy food with tasteless or uninspired choices.  Peanut Free Vending

The truth is there are many fantastic products that have been developed with modern food technology that meets the demands for nutrition as well as taste.  Many products are becoming mainstream –and are replacing the potato chips and chocolate bars (along with all the calories and guilt!)  From granola bars to fruit juices to dried fruits and nuts, the choices are varied and increasingly in demand from consumers.   It is time to give up the tired, unhealthy vending snacks of yesterday and embrace the future of healthy convenience food.

Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending offers a wide range of tasty, nutritious foods and drinks in one convenient, energy efficient machine.  With our Max Health system, you can actually choose the items you would like to have in your machine.   We offer a selection of smart choice cold drinks and healthy snacks.  Some of our available products include:

Oatmeal Bars are delicious and nutritious.  They make a great, healthy snack for breakfast or any time of day. Oatmeal.
Clif Bar is an organic energy food with 70% organic ingredients. Clif bars are energy bars that provide performance.
Nuts and seeds pack nutritional value in a tasty treat. Most dieticians recommend nuts as a healthy snack because they.
We offer tasty and healthy water beverages  that are kept cool in our dual-temperature Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending.
Fruit Juice provides refreshment and health benefits at the same time. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C while cranberry.
Tea and coffee make great mid-day beverage treats. Healthy teas include green tea and black tea. Steaz peach green tea.
Sweets make tasty treats. Some are healthier than others.  Healthy Fresh Ontario Vending sources healthy sweets.
Healthy chips are great alternatives to other types of chip snacks.  Terra chips are available in multiple flavours and.
Popcorn and pretzles are popular snacks on the go. Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar popcorn features puffeed rice and.