Healthy Vending – Faq

Healthy Fresh Vending Ontario MachineIs there a charge to bring the machine and set it up in our location?

No!  If your location qualifies, we will deliver and install a new Healthy Fresh Vending Machine free of charge.

How often do you restock the vending machine?

Our machines are very high tech.  We receive off site reports on sales, so we know which products are most popular and when inventory is getting low.  We also customize stocking for your location, so you always have the products you want in stock.

Who do we call if we have a service problem?

When we bring your machine, you will get direct numbers for any questions or service issues.  Cards will be given to all relevant members of your team, so we can answer requests and attend to any issues promptly.  We have over 20 years’ experience stocking machines, and a reputation for superior customer service.

Can we request certain healthy items?

Yes!  That is one of the benefits of dealing with our company.  You can log into our fresh menu site, enter your machine number, and select from a wide range of healthy products – or send us information on items you want us to stock at your location.

What methods of payment do the machines accept? 

We have state of the art machines that make operation and payment simple.  The machines take any Canadian coins, as well as credit cards and payment by smart phones.

Do we always need exact change?

No – our machines provide change as well as cashless payment alternatives.

Healthy Foods Snacks and TreatsWhat areas do you serve?

We are based in the Oakville – Toronto area, but have representatives to service and stock our machines all over Greater Toronto, Greater Hamilton, the Golden Horseshoe area and most other areas of Southern Ontario.  Just give us a call and we can discuss your vending needs.

What makes your machines so different from traditional vending machines?

Our machines are high-tech, with a high resolution LCD screen, colorful graphics and easy operation.  Of course all of our machines are stocked only with healthy foods and drinks.  They also accept cash, credit cards and smart phone payments.

Don’t vending machines require a lot of electricity to run?

Old junk food machines may, but our machines are very energy efficient.  Healthy Vending machines require only 6.3 amps, while old junk food machines need 10.5.  We have some of the most efficient machines in the business!

Do I need 2 machines – 1 for drinks and 1 for food?

No!  Our healthy vending machines are perfect for limited spaces since they offer dual temperatures to keep cold drinks cold, but still offer healthy food items.